Wear your Kink

We at Killing Kittens would like to welcome Lena Hedges into our Kitten Fold. Lena is a true Kitten who is helping Kittens and Toms embrace and be proud of their Kinky side, by making the purrfect Kinky clothing and accessories. Here Lena tells us about her designs.

I am sure you have all heard that old adage “wear your heart on your sleeve” well with Kinky T-shirts you can go one better, you can wear your kink on your chest. Much like Superman, Spiderman and Batman declaring their superhero credentials on their costumes, you too can declare to the world what your saucy superpowers are. Whether you are a bonafide Dom or a secret sissy there is a design for you. And they don’t just stop at t-shirts, these brazen designs can be found on beanie hats, pins, mugs and bags.

These cute and kinky products make the perfect present for the kinkster in your life. What better way to prove your allegiance to your Sir or Mistress than having your obedience displayed across your chest? With designs that feature many aspects of the BDSM, Fetish and Swinging Lifestyles there really is something for everyone. The duo behind Kinky T-shirts are very supportive of all the related Lifestyles and are always happy to discuss any design ideas you may have as well as designing t-shirts for clubs and party providers. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to hide your dark side any longer, let your fetish free and join us on the naughty list. This sensual selection of saucy designs will help release your hidden desires, inside and outside of the bedroom.


 All products are made from quality materials and as they are posted straight out from Spreadshirt you can order them from the UK or USA. They have a great range of styles for both men and women with a range of colours and sizes to accommodate every kinkster in your life.

So whether you are treating yourself or buying as a gift, you can’t go wrong with Kinky T-shirts. Step out of the doldrums of boring clothing and into the light because you are never underdressed when you are wearing your kink!

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