Vanilla Extract

Here at Killing Kittens, we are extremely excited to welcome Louisa Berry, author of Vanilla Extract, the erotic and fun adventure of one woman’s journey of self and sexual discovery (sounds absolutely purrfect for our Kittens!).

Hi Louisa, so please, tell us about you.

I’m Louisa Berry.  My full-time job is in Finance in Canary Wharf.  My other ‘job’ is my writing, but that really is more of a hobby.  I live in Hertfordshire with my beautiful children.  Three years ago I decided I would write a book about the discoveries I made since breaking up with their father and so Vanilla Extract was born.

What made you write Vanilla Extract?

I always knew I had a story to tell.  I just didn’t know what it would be about or when I would have the time to write it.  I finished it at the end of last summer and launched it on 28th November 2017.

What is Vanilla Extract about?

It describes the journey of a recently divorced woman in her early forties who found a whole new world at her fingertips; a world that she chose to put herself right at the very centre of and so began her sexual liberation.  A little nervous to start, she decided that now was her time for light-hearted fun.  Lou, the main character, was like a child in a sweet shop – so many types and flavours to choose from. Where to begin?  So when Lou began to explore these different options, she found that she soon felt empowered, more confident and at the same time was having the time of her life.

There are some amazing anecdotes that people might wonder if they could ever really happen and yes, sex is glamorised in various guises in many of the pages, but there are also some more serious moments too.  For someone new embarking on their own path of sexual enlightenment,

Vanilla Extract includes lessons learned, safety tips and common sense moments that will help when things don’t quite go according to plan.

Lou’s erotic adventures (and sometimes the misadventures too) are quite literally laid bare and told honestly, with a huge helping of humour.

Lou, you’re a true Kitten, Is it your story?

I couldn’t possibly comment.  Obviously, I have drawn on some of my own experiences.

What have you learned in researching and writing Vanilla Extract?

That women are entitled to have just as much sex as men and not be judged for it.  We all have desires and we all have needs.  There is no difference.  What I also found was that women don’t actually need rescuing – contrary to many men’s beliefs.  We are allowed to be as wild as we want.  I do not believe this makes us damaged!  In this age, we find ourselves, where sexuality is so much more acceptable (homosexual, lesbian, trans, bisexual, polyamory, etc.),

Kittens should embrace their desires and take ownership of their sexual freedom. Why the hell not?

Life is so busy with responsibilities – working full time, being a mother, being a daughter (to ageing parents) running a household, etc..  There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and having fun with other like-minded people.

I am humbled by changing the behaviour with some of my readers.  One lady at the book launch said she finally realised that you don’t have to go ahead with sex on a date just because he bought you dinner.  After reading one particular chapter, she said ‘it was like a lightbulb moment.  I worked out that I could take control and say no.’  Another lady had a different breakthrough and said she was keen now to go out and have more fun.  One gentleman said he would change his oral techniques after reading the book!  That’s got to be a win/win all round!

It’s commendable that you are teaching people through your book, that sexual liberation is healthy and such good fun! How did you launch Vanilla Extract?

We were fortunate enough to have the book launch at Le Boudoir adult club in London on 28th November 2017.  I was quite nervous to be reading passages of the book out initially as I don’t usually do public speaking too well.  So this was partly to overcome that fear but also to celebrate the book.  I’ve spoken at other events since, again to quash this anxiety (and it seems to be working) but again to share what I have discovered so everyone else can gain from it too.  I’ve had women come up and hug me when they’ve heard more about the journey to date, saying they’ve found it inspiring.  This is so rewarding, it’s unreal!

How many have you sold?

Since the launch, there has been over 200 sold (combined Kindle and paperbacks).  It has received a number of five-star reviews including one from a male reader who views it as a guidebook!

What are some of your favourite reviews?

5* From Donator on Amazon: All I can say is OMG, I will surely read it again, and this time take notes. Louisa, you write so well, almost like you have experienced that moment! Your book is more than great reading. It’s also a how-to manual for men and woman. Men and women will certainly enjoy “Vanilla Extract.” You go girl and can’t wait till your next book is released.

5* From Poppy on Amazon: The confidence this lady has is just mind blowing and I would love some of her energy haha!  This book has definitely made me take a step back and look at life and how much more fun it can be!!  Well written and some laugh out loud moments! 😂

5* From Jenny on Amazon: I started reading this book about Lou’s adventures and found myself cheering her on. She was so confident and really seemed to be enjoying herself…

What next?

I’ve started writing the next instalment of Lou’s journey and hope to have Cinnamon Twist out in the summer.  There is more material to scribe as I continue my own sexual journey and learn more about the different kinks and fetishes that others are already enjoying.

Thank you so much, Louisa, this really is a story, so close to many of our Kittens hearts, and when told with such fun and humour, whats not to love!

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