The birth of a Kitten

As we are approaching a New Year, we have so many KK reasons to be excited for what lays in the year ahead. 2018 will be the year where more women than ever before find their Inner Kitten. Killing Kittens will be with you every step of the way, to give you that safe place where you can explore and embrace the Goddess inside you. This review is from Kitten K (45)the story of her own KK journey, her first party and the birth of her Inner Kitten.

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago sitting in a hotel lobby on holiday, I sat leafing through the glossy pages of the Cosmopolitan magazine. The words  Killing Kittens written in black bold cursive script caught my eye. As did the picture of a beautiful masked woman in lingerie accompanying the article. Surely this picture didn’t go with the article?! Curious now I  started to read. What I discovered written on those pages intrigued and excited me. How was it possible that this fantasy secret world really existed. I was about to tear out the article to keep but stopped myself. I wanted someone else to come across it and share the secret. For the rest of the holiday, I thought of nothing else. Coming back home I entered it into the search bar and read everything that came up. I was young and naive and didn’t really think this world was accessible to me. This was something brave, brash people did and people like me just read and fantasised about. The reality of real life kicked in and the next few years went by raising a family and working.

Then hitting 40 everything changed. I started to reflect on life and felt ready to do just me! From a dark corner of my mind buried so deep came the sound of a kitten purring. Once again I entered the name into the search bar and the world that opened up seemed much more user-friendly and accessible.

Joining Killing Kittens

I signed up eager to explore further. Browsing through the site was easy. Every party was advertised with a beautiful invite,
disguising the activities it offered.  I read the blog, I read the forums, I looked at profiles.These people were so normal, these people had jobs, these people had friends and families, these people were like me! Yet they had eaten the forbidden fruit and now I wanted a taste too.

All that was left to do was to find a Tom as I was not comfortable to go alone and then book a party. The Tom jumped on board and the Townhouse party was booked there was no turning back and that’s when the butterflies kicked in. I had so many questions from practical to downright stupid but I had them none the less. The admin staff on the website were amazing. They were all so welcoming and suggested I join the chat groups so I could talk to other people, groups, and girls. After many wonderful conversations and private messages, my questions were answered and I was reassured that I would be fine and to just go and enjoy it.

Twenty four hours before the party the location was revealed with a set of very strict instructions. This was a Kitten’s world and men were not allowed to approach! I liked this it made me feel safe.

The Day of the Party

So the day arrived and having put on some weight I couldn’t get into anything. Doubt and insecurities set in. The girls all look so slim and tall and beautiful. Would I look out of place? Would anyone approach us? Squeezing into a sequinned black dress putting on my ugg boots for the tube journey and throwing my stilettos and the masks in my bag we set off.

Arriving at our secret destination located on a normal street,  we found ourselves standing outside a gate behind which
was a black partially opened door. Standing there nervously we saw a couple emerge from the back of a black cab
. They donned their masks and brushed past us as they swept inside. We followed suit. Slipping on our masks we entered. We were greeted by a very tall handsome grey haired gentleman holding a clipboard. He took my booking name, ticked it off his list and gave us directions to the cloakroom and bar. He told us to have a good time, turned his back on us and greeted the others coming through the door.  In the cloakroom, we were greeted by two very chirpy and excited girls who asked us if it was our first party and told us to enjoy. Their excitement was infectious. We decided to have a quick look at the venue while it was still getting started. We walked into the dungeon room it was empty apart from a contraption on the floor and what looked like a table and two thin bar stools. Upstairs was the playroom. Dimly lit with four double beds pushed together in the shape of a Cross. The room was swimming with little dots of lights projected all around the room.


We went downstairs to the bar and were offered some champagne. There was music playing and people were beginning to arrive. My heart was beating so fast. It was so exciting. At first, nobody was talking. These masked visions all smartly dressed were walking around and looking at each other as if searching out the hostess. It seemed very much like a house party. As the room started to fill up people started talking to each other. A girl came and sat next to us and asked us if it was our first party. We chatted and exchanged experiences. Then I noticed the couple that had entered before us walk onto the dance floor. Only something was different she had removed her dress and was in black underwear. Like the ribbon on a ballet shoe, black lace crisscrossed her torso from her knickers up to her breasts. I was in awe as she stalked the dance floor behind her man. Everyone watched then more people stood up and swayed to the music. People started to kiss and touch each other, some sandwiched between others. We decided with our kitten to go and explore. The dungeon room now had some people in it. A girl was sitting astride the door stopper looking thing. Someone whispered it was called a Sybian. The moans coming from the girl made me want to try it but I didn’t feel brave enough.

The Dungeon Room

The table and stools looking thing was a spanking chair.Now it made sense. My bum cheeks tingled with the thought but again I held back. We climbed the spiral staircase upstairs to the playroom. On our way up a security personnel passed us. He discreetly asked us if we were ok and tipped his head and walked passed. I will never forget the overwhelming sight I was confronted with and will try my best to explain it. As I explained the room was flooded with little dots of light that covered every area of the room including the floor and ceiling. Even the air was full of green and red dots. This took away the rawness of the activities that were taking place on the bed.

There was a woman laying on her back with her head hanging just off the bed, a man was standing over her, his hardness aimed into her mouth, whilst another woman had her head buried between her legs. In the middle of the bed was a woman on her back, the man pulled her to the edge as he knelt on the floor and entered her. Another girl came and just perched herself over the woman’s face and started kissing the man. Between the music, you could hear sounds of moans of pure pleasure. We watched mesmerised and completely aroused at these naked bodies twisting and thrusting.

No Inhibitions

It’s true what everyone told me about having no inhibitions and that I would get completely naked. That’s exactly what we did. We just stood there undressing ourselves and each other, whichever was quicker. Someone had given me a tip which I remembered,”put your knickers around your wrist and you won’t loose them!”

We made our way to the bed and played. Just to digress for a minute, when one goes to a top restaurant, say a fish
restaurant, they have fish tanks around. The colours are all blue and coral and you can smell the ocean. It’s all
thought out to enhance your experience. That’s exactly what this was like. All my senses were going into overload. There I was in a room full of people, sprawled out naked on a bed having sex. If I opened my eyes I could see sex going on all around me. I could smell it,  I could hear it and I could taste it.

At one point during the evening, I had three pairs of hands and mouths on me, all stimulating different parts. As my
body convulsed with my orgasm I screamed out,”oh my god everybody STOP.” They all did immediately and everybody burst out laughing as I lay there unable to comprehend what I had just felt.

Over the course of the evening, the bed got very full and my partner and I moved on to the empty sofa. I was so oblivious to what was going on around me now and must have put on quite a display myself.

At another point, over on the bed, in the middle of bodies, another couple were going at it full force. The girl was on
her back with her stilettoed feet up in the air (nearly taking out some eyes) and the guy was going for gold. He
pulled out just in time and came all over her. His closing line or opening as it may be was,” Hi, my names ——-, it’s nice to meet you!” Wow, I thought.

So many things happened that my mind is still processing. It was such an overwhelming experience. What I liked and also observed throughout the course of the evening was how very present yet discreet the security was.  How very charming and polite everyone was and how everyone abided by the rules.

I am normally a shy and timid person.I walked into that building like a shy kitten but walked out with the stride of a panther. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat! It gave birth to a kitten.

I can’t wait to return for more x

Hello, I am Kitten T the Editor of #itsakittensworld, passionate about sexual liberation and anything which encourages female sexual empowerment. I Love horses! You can follow me on Twitter for my latest views on the world of KK