Take the plunge, become a Kitten!

One of my My favourite parts of ‘ It’s a Kittens World’ blog are our member reviews. It is wonderful to be able to share Kittens and Toms unique sexperiences and journeys into KK. This week we are following the journey of Kitten J and her first Killing Kittens experience…

Kitten J’s review

I have always been open-minded when it comes to sex and sexuality; working as a dancer in gentleman’s club in my late teens and early twenties certainly opened my eyes and ears to some quirks and kinks. That said, prior to my first KK experience I had been relatively vanilla in my sexcapades.

Following a breakup and one too many glasses of fizz to drown my sorrows a female friend told me about killing kittens, being a fairly new member herself but having attended a party with her significant other, she felt it might be something I’d enjoy. Her revelation shocked but equally fascinated me; the friend was usually so prim and proper a real ‘lady’ not to mention gorgeous and this glamorous and elite world she described to me was nothing like the notion of seedy sex parties full of old men wanting to cop a feel I had previously envisioned. It really pricked my curiosity and I wanted to experience one for myself.

A month later …

The following month we decided to go to a party together, she assured me she would show me the ropes and that I could take things slow at my own level. Just having drinks and socializing if I didn’t feel ready to play. Although hesitant I was really excited and got much enjoyment out of selecting some of Victoria Secrets finest lingerie, accompanied with suspenders and sky-high heels to wear with my favourite plunging neckline dress and heels. On the eve of the party I got the dreaded text from my friend, she was unwell and wouldn’t be able to go with me. I was gutted. I was all for giving up on the idea of going when I came across a post on the Killing Kittens forum full of people talking about the party who were attending and a KIK chat group too. I introduced myself and explained my predicament, I was instantly made to feel at ease, by couples, other single females, and men (it was the singles party.) One lovely lady even offered that I could meet her before for a drink to calm my nerves and so that I didn’t have to walk in alone.

The party

With much reservation and anticipation I agreed and the next night after a pre-drink in her hotel the lovely lady who was somewhat of a KK veteran having attended multiple parties held my shaking hand as we walked in together. Within 5 minutes of being in the venue all my worries melted and the atmosphere was electric. An eclectic mix of beautiful people all dressed to impress and wearing sultry sexy smiles. The prosecco reception went down well and the conversation was flowing between a group of us. Said female from earlier introduced me to a married couple who she knew from previous parties who were absolutely gorgeous. Witty and with a spark behind their eyes, which assured me we were about to have a great time. The 4 of us went off to one of the more secluded playrooms in the venue as to not overwhelm me. We made ourselves comfortable on the huge bed as we all began to kiss and touch simultaneously.

It felt amazing, a different kind of sexual chemistry and rush that I’d never experienced before. With our hands, bodies, and mouths free to roam and explore each other my first MFFF experience is certainly something I won’t forget.

As we left the sanctuary of our more private room, I walked past an open play area with at least 15 bodies all entwined and moans of ecstasy echoing through the air. Although this was something I wasn’t ready to personally explore at my first party, I couldn’t help but stare in ore and amazement. Maybe one day.


The flashbacks from that night of debauchery replayed over in my mind in the days and weeks to follow leaving me with a secret sexually satisfied smile on my face.

I am so glad that I overcame my fears and went to my first party and thankful for the lovely members of the Killing Kittens Kommunity who made me feel at ease and encouraged me to go. I’m still in touch and friendly with them now, they are like my secret circle of sexually liberated friends who I can share my deepest fantasies and experiences with. I’ve since attended two more parties and had equally amazing mind-blowing sexual encounters that I previously thought could only exist in my wildest dreams. My advice to anyone nervous or scared to take the plunge and sample their first party….. Do It! You will not be disappointed and it won’t be your last 😘

Hello, I am Kitten T the Editor of #itsakittensworld, passionate about sexual liberation and anything which encourages female sexual empowerment. I Love horses! You can follow me on Twitter for my latest views on the world of KK