Strawberries, Champagne and the fear of losing my silk knickers

Killing Kittens parties bring their own class all over the world, nowhere more so than Australia where KK continues to go from strength to strength. The following review is from Kitten B, a seasoned Australian KK party Kitten. When your biggest fear is losing your silk knickers, you know you are in for a good night.

Exhaling slowly, encased in soft sheets, and being nudged by even more supple limbs, my only care in the world was finding my silk knickers at the end of the night…

Stepping out of the car, my hand clasping my partners, I looked up at the gorgeous terrace house across the road. Lights shone muted from the top floors, looking just like any other suburban abode – I always wondered whether anyone on the outside had an inkling of the delights that awaited the masked guests, slowly trickling into the house.

The thought made me smile gently to myself, and we walked quickly toward the door, the inevitable butterflies of desire, anticipation, and adrenaline rising pleasantly in my stomach.

The Party

The entry hall was softly lit, beautiful hostesses wearing lacy bunny ears took our coats, and immediately made sure our hands held dainty champagne glasses. I looked around… the tables in front of us overflowed with chocolate dipped strawberries and other morsels that were sure to become necessary as the night wore on.

Elegant ladies draped themselves over couches, peering coquettishly through lace masks at well-dressed men. A couple slowly kissed in the corner, whispering to each other. Groups of people communicated through soft touches and watched with interest as more and more people began to drift through the door. I couldn’t wait to dive in and get to know everyone much more intimately.

Taking a deeper sip of my champagne, I stepped into the lounge with my partner at my side. With great delight, we immediately recognised lovers from previous parties among a host of new faces. A group slowly formed around us, and people began whispering about who would be the first to make a move to the upstairs bedrooms…

The Bedrooms

I leaned in and whispered into the ear of a gorgeous brunette, she replied with a smile and took my hand in hers. Together, we beckoned to the people around us and ascended the stairs to the bedroom. The gaze of the other guests followed us, and we could see them start to talk about making their way up to the rooms.

As soon as we stepped inside our chosen room – dimly lit by flickering tea lights – the brunette pushed me against a wall, her hands ran down my waist and over my hips as she began to kiss me deeply. Other people found themselves entangled in groups of two or more, eagerly tasting each other, the flirtatious teasing of the previous hour giving way to delighted touches.

Another two girls made their way to my friend and I. All four of us were in a state of undress, wandering hands having helped us slip out of slinky cocktail attire. We held hands, and in a giggling pile, fell to the bed, a throng of happy, delicate bodies, relishing in the soft satisfaction of feminine kisses.

Around us, couples began exploring each other while watching on, just excited to be in such an open and sensual environment. Slowly, our little group began to beckon to our partners and other ladies. There were now small groups utilising every space of the room, moans of pleasure escaped the lips of exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.

I came up for air, reaching toward a glass of champagne, and heading to the edge of the room to take in the exquisite site. I looked over and saw my partner, his face buried between the legs of a beautiful woman. Her lips were parted in pleasure as her hands reached toward his muscular back. I smiled to myself. I loved seeing him like that… I loved sharing him and watching him in his prime.

I let out a low moan as a stunning couple beckoned me toward them – the night was still young, and we had plenty more people to explore and enjoy.