Sexercise Time!

How many times has your New Years Resolution been ‘to get in shape’ or ‘to start going to the gym’? And how many times have you done that for a month before giving up, lounging on the sofa and ordering a pizza before feeling that crippling guilt that you’ll just sweep away until the next opportunity to create a new New Years Resolution?

If you’re anything like me, it’s been every year since the start of my twenties. The problem is, I hate exercise. I went to the gym once and it was the worst experience of my life. I run like a broken horse and I just adore junk food. Sound like you? What if I told you there was a way of getting fit without leaving your house which makes you tingle from head to toe, strengthens your relationship, burns calories and even prevents getting pesky colds? That New Years Resolution doesn’t sound too bad now, right?

The truth is that having two hours of particularly active sex will burn the equivalent calories to a cheeseburger or three vodka and cokes. It’s actually the equivalent of playing an entire football match! (Don’t be afraid to take a ‘halftime’ break. Two hours is a massively long sex-out!). But it’s not just the hardcore sex that helps burn the calories. Simply kissing burns 68 calories per hour, while stepping it up even more and making out burns 238 calories per half hour.

The science behind it lies in that accelerated heart rate alongside heavy breathing. Grabbing and grinding whilst you’re kissing will automatically cause your hips to move. Not only does this create an insane amount of sexual tension and suspense, but you’re giving your body a subconscious work-out – which is the best kind!

Of course, the number of calories burnt depends on your role. Generally speaking, men burn more calories during sex than women. But that’s probably because they do most of the work. For example, the most intense work out for a man during sex is to do so standing up. This is because they are using their upper-arm strength to hold her up, whilst having to also concentrate on their pelvic region to thrust, strengthening the inner thigh muscles. However, this post will help the ladies engage in their resolution and surprise their partner by taking control. Not only will it feel toe-curlingly fantastic, but it will get you in shape and help you stick to the resolution with pride and pleasure.

Toning up by Opening Wide:

Don’t underestimate foreplay! It’s time to indulge your partner in a little oral sex. It’s not called a blow job for nothing! You’re seriously working your muscles whilst your head moves, and naturally, your body will move with it. My suggestion is to do so as your partner is laying down rather than standing up. You will have to bend over him, which tones your abdominal muscles each time you bob your head, as they are automatically tensing. You can burn a whopping 100 calories every 30 minutes from giving oral sex. That’s the same as walking for 35 minutes or doing 15 minutes of intense labour on the rowing machine. I know which option I’d go for!
Calories burnt: 100

A Gentle Work-Out:

Missionary is always frowned upon and considered to be one of the more ‘vanilla’ positions. It’s true that men burn a hell of a lot more calories in missionary than women, as you would expect. But there’s one top tip to help tone up during missionary that won’t kill you in the morning. Simply try squeezing your buttocks whilst he’s thrusting. This will intensify the feeling for him, as well as help you shape that Kardashian peach of a booty!
Calories burnt: 40

Get Down on All Fours:

Getting down and dirty will not only help ride you closer to orgasm due to the depth of penetration, but it’ll also burn a fair number of calories. Ladies, you’ll have to stabilize yourself on all fours, and you’ll be working your quadriceps and glutes to ensure you brace yourself against the impact. My top tip for extra calories burnt in this position is rather than having your hands pressed flat against the bed (or the floor), place your hands on a wall or a headboard. This will use the muscles in your upper body to help thrust, which works your shoulder and upper body.
Calories burnt: 45

Ride ‘em, Cowgirl!:

There’s a reason it’s called Cowgirl. You’ve taken on the role of a character who is full of sass and rides horses like it’s second nature. And damn, are they in shape! The lower part of a woman’s legs are braced on the bed or the floor, and it then engages that booty and core. She’s going to be flexing her lower abs and pelvic muscles – much like riding an actual horse. To intensify it even more, (and you really will feel the burn of this one after about five minutes), come onto your feet so you’re almost squatting. That’ll tone your butt, legs and hips. It also allows you to move a little faster with added control, which will make you feel uber confident and his eyes will roll back with pleasure. You go, girl!
Calories burnt: 50

Stand for Attention:

A more hardcore position. Why? Because it’s bloody difficult! But like everything, nothing good comes easy! (Pardon the pun). Half an hour of active and vigorous standing sex has the potential to burn 144 calories! (Oh hi, Just Eat!) If you’re facing each other, core and upper leg strength is tested and strengthened. Leg muscles are used to keep you upright while core muscles are engaged to keep you balanced. If your legs are wrapped around your partner then you’ll need good arm strength to hold onto him, as well as toning those inner thigh muscles by tensing them around him. Difficult, yes. But oh, so worth it.
Calories burnt: 60

Not for the Weak – Bridge:

The motherload of calorie burning sex! This position isn’t for the weak and is a particular favourite in women who enjoy yoga. This is due to the intense strength and flexibility needed to execute this position without crashing and falling down. You’ll have to stabilize yourself so when he’s thrusting in and out, you’ll stay in position and balanced. If you’ve not done this position before, start by piling a tower of pillows under you. That’ll take some of the pressure off but will still ensure you have a good work out. Even though there’s not as much upper arm and abdominal exercise, you’ll still be working your buttocks and inner thigh muscles. When you’ve gained confidence and you want to level up, take the pillows away and you’ll get a hardcore gym sesh whilst you work your biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, quads, and calves. Unless you’re Wonder Woman, don’t expect to hold this position for too long – and fair warning, you’ll ache in a variety of places in the morning!
Calories burnt: 100

So this year, instead of giving up, or wasting yet another years gym membership, get fit the KK way !




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