The power of Boudoir …no need to be shy


Yemi King, the exceptionally talented boudoir photographer, recently joined forces with Killing Kittens in Scotland for an exclusive boudoir shoot. Here Yemi talks to us about her passion for photography, the power of boudoir and her new found relationship with KK.


She glanced at herself in the mirror and closed her eyes. Taking herself back to that moment, the moment he traced his thick fingers over her shoulders gently, then leaned over to taste her soft neck. She felt the warmth of his breath against the satin feel of her skin. She sighed deeply remembering his musk scent, sending goosebumps over her body. She felt her chest rise. The tingling sensation seeping through her made her feel a bit lightheaded… She opened her eyes, she heard the photographer, she blushed, for a split second, she had become lost.

Her photographer knew where she had escaped to and decided to not interrupt and just watched the mental fantasy “increase” within her client. This was a common place for them (clients). Releasing their inhibitions, remembering that specific touch, that smell, the warmth throughout the body. The sensuality rises and their sexual confidence makes an appearance, it is as if a veil had been lifted from whatever distress they may have encountered prior to the session. Who was the photographer to stop her from reaching a private climax?  This was now a scene for one of the most exhilarating experiences her client was about to embark on,

let the story begin.

Most women have been fascinated by the idea to help boost confidence, increase stimulation in relationships or to just “remember a time when”. The power of Boudoir photography is tremendous. Letting-go of inhibitions can be the ultimate turn on for her and/or for her significant other.

Every shoot is a different story for a client. Why are you here today? Most are standing before me to boost their confidence. Whether it be physically or mentally, the opportunity to be in a safe environment and “let go, is one of reasons women book a session with me. But this style of photography is not limited to those who yearn for guided and trained encouragement, there is also a feeling of wanting to remember a time in their lives, to unleash an inner sexual demon and to venture into a world of sensual arousal and voyerism.

This style of photography is not just for partnered women or women alone. I have opened up the playing field to couples and guys and the reception has been amazing.

The Fluffer

After a recent couples shoot, I was given the title of “The Fluffer”. I love it! Note: I was NOT involved in any sexual act! Just guided them into poses, used my voice and the power of the mind, to help get the couple in a relaxed state to produce authentic sensual images. Being the reason why the Smith couple had the most amazing sex ever that night?!  Well, no award can amount up to that feeling of bringing two people together that intimately, especially in this day and age of the digital lifestyle.

But selfishly speaking,

being able to be part of a way someone can become sexually empowered is an ultimate high. It is by far the greatest job satisfaction one can imagine.

I remain professional at all times, but it is quite fulfilling knowing that a person feels comfortable enough to reach that peak of intimacy and I can capture this with my camera. I am making the world a happier place and helping bring more love and increasing the population of the planet. Go Boudoir Photography!

About Me

I have been a photographer for over 18 years. I began doing boudoir photography as a life lesson during a difficult time period. I lost confidence in myself, physically and sexually, due to health conditions and not so great relationship. I studied photographing women more and more after some therapy session suggestions and after doing a photo shoot for a friend who had similar issues and seeing her positive reaction to her images, I continued to do more. Through word of mouth, I became the go-to girl for this style of photography as I had an understanding of women’s issues. I slowly started to heal myself in this process, it became a win-win. I could make other women happy and do the same for me.

As the years have gone I have become more aware of the woman’s form, her needs, the power she has and how to use this to her advantage. The introduction to opening my photography by including partners has just raised the bar and the outcome has been amazing. Now my clients have the added pleasure to share the extra boost of confidence to show what they are capable of when at the right moment. By all means, one can still use this style of photography for their own personal triumph, but the power of this style photography is increasing, bringing sexual empowerment to women in all stages of their lives.

Do I love my job?

Hell yes! I look forward to increasing female sexual revolution through my photography.

So how did Yemi King and Killing Kittens cross paths?

I came across Killing Kittens during a relationship I was in. Living in Scotland and always working I didn’t really have an outlet to explore more sexual freedoms and curiosities. I had made a quick trip back to America and found out about polyamorous relations. It basically opened my eyes up to more ways to bring pleasure into the relationship I was in. When I got back to Scotland I quickly made up a profile on the KK site and had booked myself into being vetted for a party due in a few months. Fortunately, yes, fortunately, making a long story, very short; due to a relationship breakdown, I didn’t attend the party in the summer, but months later through fate, I still believe, social media brought KK and Yemi King Photography together. I started to follow the KK North profile and in turn, they followed back. It was great having an exclusive members-only female led sexual community at my doorstep so to speak. Not much happens in the North lol! So this was a great discovery.

We found out how eager we were to join forces and collaborate. It was like Christmas and Birthdays in one, I was ecstatic that KK were interested in me and I secretly had been waiting for something like this to happen for ages. THEN, “You are welcome to join us at the party,” she says… That was my climax moment. I can shoot and take my hat off to play after.  Woohoo! I was over the moon with joy!

Shooting at the castle

The shoot was set up for private sessions prior to the party held on the Saturday night of the Halloween extravaganza at a Scottish Castle. I had a few photoshoot slots set aside for anyone who wanted to enjoy a session before returning later to the party. The time before was amazing for all involved. It was lovely working with clientele from KK. The Scottish Castle background just made it even more sensual, the features made for an amazing boudoir setting. There was nothing but praise for the venue. One unforgettable experience all round, not just as a photographer but also a wonderful first-time experience as a single woman party attendee. I had never felt so comfortable before in what would be one of the most exhilarating circumstances.

Finding Killing Kittens has been a wonderful addition to building my knowledge of human sexuality, sensual needs and the erogenous mentality not only for myself but also in dealing with my clients. Similar to what I experienced with my first party,

this style of intimate photography gives you an outlet to express your inner desires freely, with or without a playmate, within a group or solo. Be watched or be private. You have the power to own your sexuality and do with it as you will. Work the camera, be yourself, be someone else, experience losing inhibitions!

I learn a lot from my clients and in turn, give others more freedom to divulge into discovering a “risque” part of their psyche in a safe and private setting. Currently working in England and Scotland and also in Europe, I am hoping to meet more and more women (and their partners if invited) and continue to reach new heights through this powerful way of expression.

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