Love Layla keeping Valentines real

I have never been one to embrace Valentines Day. Call me a cynic, but this lovey-dovey day of flowers and chocolates has never been my thing. In fact, I have never even sent a card (not counting prank ones as a teen of course) that is, until now, thanks to Love Layla.

I have major issues with buying valentines cards, it’s not that I’m incapable of love or emotion, but I am a Kitten, I say it how it is and above all, I want fun! Love Layla just gets this, with honest no bullshit cards, instead of “I love you forever, you make me the happiest person on earth, without you, my world is nothing” (YUCK!). They replace it with “Sometimes I want to punch you in the face. Sometimes I want to sit on it”. Now that’s meow like it!

The card designs are hilariously funny, crude and so on point, but also of the highest quality, each individually wrapped, with their custom luscious deep red Love Layla envelopes, embossed with their logo.

And as the perfect present for any occasion is always bottles of good wine, Love Layla has also provided the most wonderful bottle labels, that are totally KK appropriate. What better Valentines gift is there than a risque, seductive card, a KK party booked and a good bottle of wine labelled “I will let you finger me after this bottle”.

Love Layla has even catered for the kinkier Kittens and Toms amongst us. Where else would you find a beautiful card with the words printed “Treat me like a princess, and choke me”.

Then to finish the ultimate Valentine’s day, they even supply the purrfect paper to wrap that KK party Lingerie.

Between Love Layla and KK, this year will be the first time ever where I can embrace Valentine’s Day my way!