KK Empowering Women everywhere!

Happy International Women’s Day to all you wonderful Kittens! Of course, every day is women’s day at KK, and the stories of how we help empower our Kittens in all walks of life, from sexual liberation to being able to boss that meeting at work, it’s simply awe-inspiring and why we do what we do.  To celebrate this we are going to revisit the story of Kitten S (42) who shares with us how KK empowered her life.

So, I spent my thirties wistfully daydreaming about being Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw or better still Samantha Jones: Independent, sexually liberated, confident, feminine sirens. Fast forward 10 years and a little idea planted (initially dismissed) by my life-long partner of 20 years brings me to where I am now: releasing my inner kitten at 42.

Over the Christmas/New Year break, we joined a ‘dating/swinging’ app site looking for like-minded individuals, literally not knowing where to start or what I was really looking for but I knew I wanted to experience more. So a few flirts later, some steamy Kik chats with what turned out to be fake profiles (you have to go through the pain), and in March we stumbled across KK. It changed everything. From aimlessly stumbling across average profiles of people on third rate ‘dating/swinging’ apps to something that resembled more a lifestyle choice.

The empowerment of the profile

Just setting up a KK profile was empowering. The self-reflection and focus on what makes you an amazing human being was liberating in itself. It reflected back on all walks of my life, not only was I a great mum and wife, I was a bad ass, in my job and in the bedroom! We joined as a couple but I took control of the profile. The first attempt was a quick resume – one of those, “I can’t believe I’ve just done this, press enter quick” moments. It was ok. It was honest but under-developed.

Over the coming weeks, exploring sexual fantasies and importantly considering what I wanted to achieve personally and as a couple out of this venture culminated in a complete re-working of our profile. It took time, patience and effort; things that are worthwhile always do!

Our relationship has always been amazing but, for a time, it had been sidelined; other things always seemed to come first – a recurring theme with the many couples we have chatted to since joining KK. I loved the time I took to focus on what I loved about me, and about him, without distraction.

At 42 I had uncovered the essence of me again that had for so long been buried by the multitude of roles I had accumulated over the previous decade or so.

Be brave!

Getting used to the kisses and messages took some time, but we got the hang of it. That first message to say ‘You’ve had a private gallery request’  gave me momentary paralysis! What do we do? Do we accept? What happens if it is someone we know? In a moment of bravery, you click the button that says ‘Allow access’, take a deep breath and quickly click on their private gallery just to be sure it isn’t your next door neighbour!

We were very fortunate to find a great group of people who happened to enter the KK world at the same time and joined the Kurious group, a group for newbies. I highly recommend these KIK groups,  for us, they encapsulate what this venture is all about – sharing experiences and fantasies with like-minded people without fear of being judged.

It’s as much a social awakening as it is a sexual one.

Everyone is on a journey (not always the same journey) but the level of support and openness, the virtual high fives at the announcement of “We’ve booked our first party” instilled excitement and anticipation that had long been absent. And so, from March to May: nervously creating a profile to stepping out at the Kink WorKKshops….