The decadent dessert trolley for couples – SanKKtuary weekends

Who can think of anything better than a weekend full of deep relaxation,combined with evenings of naughty fun? This is exactly what KK SanKKtuary gives you. A weekend where you can relax, detoxify your body, energise your spirits and stimulate your minds whilst exploring yourselves and each other. Kitten KK Delila has given us the following review on her SanKKtuary weekend experience.

What an exhilarating chapter in life to realise that you’ve missed out on something and to not be sad as a result. Instead, to realise that a new lease on life can be enjoyed as a second lucky-in-love chapter. So here goes my recounting of the new dining experience that I now enjoy as standard. Bring on those sensual Botticelli curves, aided by a dessert trolley of delectable delights.

I always thought my sex life was dandy. I was so mistaken. You don’t know what you’re missing until you taste that dessert trolley on rotation for the first time. Then it haunts you and taunts you with the promise of ecstasy. One can never really put the silver lid back on that type of dessert spread.

It started with my beau, a kindred spirit, introducing me to his peccadillos and inviting me to explore my own. Soon we were thinking beyond our bedroom and hoping to find like-minded playmates.  Our biggest reservation was that we enjoy slow and sensual play (often with a side of kink too) and this was definitely not the approach of most sexual dining spaces we explored. Sexual appetite was so animalistic and crude in these spaces that our fantasies were squashed underfoot; delicate macaroons thrown in the bin.

Discovering Killing Kittens

Then a kinky kitten whispered her dining secrets in our ears and opened the doors to Killing Kittens. A dining hall of sexual fantasies draped in velvet, lined with candles, tables heaving with decadent dishes to satisfy the most discerning palate. Our first penthouse party was a toe-curling appetiser, resonating orgasmically with our own sweet tooth.

While out at the penthouse party, some masked silver kittens shared that the KK SanKKtuary weekends were a mainstay of their sensual gourmet calendar. Bolstered in KK confidence and piqued by curiosity our next dining experience, a full weekend of KK treats, was booked forthwith.

So you may ask how do I describe and bottle a SanKKtuary weekend?

I can’t. It was like nothing we’ve done before. The Friday started with titillating discussions around the dining table, no subject too taboo. I immediately felt emboldened and at ease in my sexual proclivities (and fears!). Sharing is caring after all. To top it, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that many couples knew each other from previous SanKKtuaries and were now firm friends. So what was the pull for repeat visits to the dessert trolley?

Without letting the kitten out of the bag (and uncorking the bubbly prematurely),

you can expect your senses to be awakened and your mindspace stretched.

Through the weekend you can feast and abstain, drink it all in and also make time for each other. All I can say is that we enjoyed it so much we’ve already booked our second one in June.

Trust me, a SanKKtuary weekend will change you in an unimaginable way and your relationship will thank you for gorging on its spread. SanKKtuary needs to be relished, first hand, as a couple.

Why not give it a go? Sugar overload shouldn’t scare you. Just think of all the calories you’ll burn between the sheets.