Sex Toys

Let’s see if these get you as ‘buzzing’ as they got us?


A Kitten purrfect piece of jewellery

I’m so thrilled, I am now the proud owner of a CRAVE Vesper pendant. I have had my eye on this stunning piece of…

Adult games that everyone needs to try


Playing games is such an innate, basic, even childish need. We’ve all grown up playing, we’ve played while seducing or dating, we’ve played…


Mystery guest at dinner

I’m not one to usually review Sex Toys, but when Mystery Vibe approached me about the Crescendo, I was intrigued and had heard…


It Takes Two for TIANI 2

At KK our Kittens always come first, but that doesn’t mean we never spare a thought for our super sexy Toms. With this in mind…


LELO SONA Cruise will blow your mind

Lately, I have heard so much talk about the LELO SONA Cruise, from Drinks with the girls, to our amazing KIK groups, to Twitter and…


Madam, a good fingerblasting will cure that hysteria

Every Kitten loves her toys and what a selection we have to choose from. Sometimes there is nothing better than taking some time, just you…


2017 The year of the Vagina Economy

2017 has been respectfully crowned the year of the “vagina economy”. With new attitudes forming towards sex and the idea that women seek sexual pleasure…


Did Someone Say Sybian?

For us Kittens looking for the ultimate in pleasure, it won’t be long before the name Sybian crops up. For those who have had the…


Digital Kitten World

You can control everything from food shopping to hotel reservations with an app, so why not…


How Solo pleasure can rejuvenate you this Spring.

April has arrived ladies and we certainly have a spring in our step, we all strive to feel rejuvenated around this time of year. A…

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