Here we review everything from Sex Toys to Kinky outfits…maybe you’ll find your next party outfit ;)


Take the plunge, become a Kitten!

One of my My favourite parts of ‘ It’s a Kittens World’ blog are our member reviews. It is wonderful to be able to share…


The power of Boudoir …no need to be shy

  Yemi King, the exceptionally talented boudoir photographer, recently joined forces with Killing Kittens in Scotland for an exclusive boudoir shoot. Here Yemi talks to…


A Kittens Tale in New York

Killing Kittens is a super sexy Kommunity, and the plan is, for members to sexplore and take advantage of everything it has to offer. From…


In a world of Harvey Weinsteins, be an Emma Sayle

Killing Kittens receives much attention from the press, but in the sexually repressed media world that we live in, unfortunately, it is not always positive….


Its Kabaret Time, KK Style!

We at Killing Kittens, try to give you everything, I know, we are virtually saints! From Singles Hedonism to Couples Townhouse, Silvers parties, Kurious events,…


Madam, a good fingerblasting will cure that hysteria

Every Kitten loves her toys and what a selection we have to choose from. Sometimes there is nothing better than taking some time, just you…


To play or not to play, that is the question?

Killing Kittens parties are the best! KK members who attend our world-renowned parties come to fulfill different desires and fantasies. For some it is an…


Killing Kittens Irish Style

Killing Kittens is now global. At our unique parties around the world, you will always experience the same KK sexual atmosphere and extremely high standards,…


Some Kittens purr, some pounce!

Some Kittens purr in the corner, waiting for the right moment, and bide their time to play. Others just pounce! Our latest review is one…


HANX: the condom every kitten wants in her handbag

Our Killing Kittens members love SEX and lots of it! Kittens we embrace and adore our inner whores, and Toms yes, your all modern day Casanova’s….