Here we review everything from Sex Toys to Kinky outfits…maybe you’ll find your next party outfit ;)


It Takes Two for TIANI 2

At KK our Kittens always come first, but that doesn’t mean we never spare a thought for our super sexy Toms. With this in mind…


KK parties, a glorious assault on the senses!

  For those who are still contemplating delving that foot deeper into the world of Killing Kittens, I implore you to read the following first party…


A KK Country Retreat…. What a Treat.

When members attend that first KK party, they almost always believe that it is the pinnacle, it simply couldn’t get better, but I warn you……


The birth of a Kitten

As we are approaching a New Year, we have so many KK reasons to be excited for what lays in the year ahead….


LELO SONA Cruise will blow your mind

Lately, I have heard so much talk about the LELO SONA Cruise, from Drinks with the girls, to our amazing KIK groups, to Twitter and…


Outlandish Creations

We are quickly approaching Kristmas, and I have been busy searching for those unique presents for Kittens and Toms to share with you, (your welcome)….


‘Frexy’ by Bertie Wrench

In the spirit of Kristmas, we at Killing Kittens are trying to help you find those perfect, seductive, unique gifts, guaranteed to tingle the senses…


Love Layla, the purrfect greeting cards

When scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, sometimes you find that product that just jumps out at you, makes you giggle out loud, and you think…


Take the plunge, become a Kitten!

One of my My favourite parts of ‘ It’s a Kittens World’ blog are our member reviews. It is wonderful to be able to share…


The power of Boudoir …no need to be shy

  Yemi King, the exceptionally talented boudoir photographer, recently joined forces with Killing Kittens in Scotland for an exclusive boudoir shoot. Here Yemi talks to…