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HANX: the condom every kitten wants in her handbag

Our Killing Kittens members love SEX and lots of it! Kittens we embrace and adore our inner whores, and Toms yes, your all modern day Casanova’s….


Sextival Time

If you love sex, as we all do at KK, and you love festivals, why not combine the two. Here are 5 of the horniest…


Today is National Oyster Day

  August 5th is National Oyster Day. So let’s celebrate these slippery molluscs for being one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs! But do they actually get…


Did Someone Say Sybian?

For us Kittens looking for the ultimate in pleasure, it won’t be long before the name Sybian crops up. For those who have had the…


7 tips for seamless sex toy travel

Whether you’re flying solo or travelling with your partner, taking sex toys abroad for overseas fun can make a great holiday even better. But no-one…


Digital Kitten World

You can control everything from food shopping to hotel reservations with an app, so why not…


Q&A with Reuben Coppa: ‘Why is it so hard for clients to meet escorts?’

A new app to hit the UK has been hailed as the ‘uber for escorts’. Rendevu provides a safe space for escorts and erotic masseurs to…


This summer’s kinky cities

Still looking on Airbnb for your summer holiday accommodation? Er, the rest of us are on KinkBNB. What is Kink BNB? This  ‘sex positive’ rental site was started by…


Bookworms make better lovers

Like reading? Your love of literature could bag you a partner. A study by eHarmony found that guys who list reading on their dating profiles receive…


Em & Lo: Will anal be the new oral?

There is very little new under the sexual sun. Classical Roman and Greek art honour both anal and oral sex, with the interesting codicil that…