Killing Kittens

All things Killing Kittens. Here you will find all there is to know about upcoming and previous parties from the World’s leading adult events.


Every Kitten is Unique

We at Killing Kittens like to celebrate each and every Kitten, all are unique, individual and sexy in their own way, Every woman is entitled…


It Takes Two for TIANI 2

At KK our Kittens always come first, but that doesn’t mean we never spare a thought for our super sexy Toms. With this in mind…


KK parties, a glorious assault on the senses!

  For those who are still contemplating delving that foot deeper into the world of Killing Kittens, I implore you to read the following first party…


Hitting the Heights with Emma Sayle

As Killing Kittens prepare for the Valentines soiree, the people of Venice are getting excited to meet our KK Queen Kitten, Emma Sayle. Vivienne Sharman-Lewis…


A KK Country Retreat…. What a Treat.

When members attend that first KK party, they almost always believe that it is the pinnacle, it simply couldn’t get better, but I warn you……


The mask behind the Kitten!

  Whether you are attending the Venice Valentines soiree or a KK party, the mask is an essential part of Killing Kittens kit, with…


Valentines at the Venice Carnival

Valentines is fastly approaching, and of course, Killing Kittens is giving you the ultimate opportunity to celebrate this in true KK style. A whole weekend…


The birth of a Kitten

As we are approaching a New Year, we have so many KK reasons to be excited for what lays in the year ahead….


A Very Merry Kristmas from Killing Kittens

As Christmas approaches and we say goodbye to 2017, it has given time to reflect on the year that has gone by. Killing Kittens has grown…


Welcome to the 12 days of Kristmas Giveaway!

On the 12th day of Kristmas¬†my Kitten gave to me….. In the spirit of Kristmas¬†and the spirit of giving, KK has teamed up with 12 luxury…