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Coregasms – Another Reason to Hit the Gym.

As always, KK are delighted to have our guest blogger Brooke Archer who is teaching us just how pleasurable exercise can be! At the end of…


Kink Of The Month: C is for Chastity belt

Kink is becoming more and more mainstream, you can now buy fetish gear direct on the high street. Yet the world of Kink is complicated….


How KK helped me break down barriers with Emma Kenny

Each and every member has their own story of how hey came to find Killing Kittens, these KK journeys are both moving and empowering. This…


A Kitten finding Hedonism

Hedonism! One of Killing Kittens longest running and infamous parties. Here Kitten K tells us of her first visit to Hedonism, and if the…


Bring us your old Bras!

Kittens are Toms, We are calling on our wonderful and generous Kommunity to help us, help others. On the 10th June, the sisterhood girls will be running the Turks…


Frolic Me!

Here at Killing Kittens, we are delighted to welcome Anna Richards the founder of ethical female and couple focused erotic adult entertainment, Frolicme. Anna will be…


You’re still a great human if you’ve had sex!

Members of Killing Kittens, join for a variety of reasons, but for the most part, it is a desire that people have to explore themselves and their relationships…


Emma Kenny Our KK Sexpert

Here at Killing Kittens, we are delighted and extremely excited to welcome Emma Kenny into our Kitten fold as our resident KK…


You are Never too old to try new things!

You are Never too old to try new things! This is certainly the case for Kitten J (45), who in this review tells…


Strawberries, Champagne and the fear of losing my silk knickers

Killing Kittens parties bring their own class all over the world, nowhere more so than Australia where KK continues to go from…