Valentines at the Venice Carnival

Valentines is fastly approaching, and of course, Killing Kittens is giving you the ultimate opportunity to celebrate this in true KK style. A whole weekend…


The birth of a Kitten

As we are approaching a New Year, we have so many KK reasons to be excited for what lays in the year ahead….


Take the plunge, become a Kitten!

One of my My favourite parts of ‘ It’s a Kittens World’ blog are our member reviews. It is wonderful to be able to share…


Madam, a good fingerblasting will cure that hysteria

Every Kitten loves her toys and what a selection we have to choose from. Sometimes there is nothing better than taking some time, just you…


PUSSY FOR DINNER : the KK guide to eating pussy!

At Killing Kittens, we give to receive, so in this spirit, here are a few tips on how to eat pussy like a God! Sweet cunnilingus…


Red Lips, Blow jobs and Sex Parties

Killing kittens didn’t invent the sex party, I know, shocking! Though we probably have created the greatest ones. Through the ages there have been many…