Life on the edge…of a strap on

Here at Killing Kittens, we pride ourselves on creating a sexually liberated safe place where women can come and sexplore all their deepest desires. One of…


Wobbling Willy

It’s not every day you can say that your head is at the end of someone’s dildo, but with ‘Wobbling Willy’ that’s exactly what…


My year as a Kitten

This blog is from a very special Kitten, who joined KK a year ago. I have had the pleasure to get to know this Kitten…


FILTH-An Anthology for Naughty Girls with Dirty Desires

When a member of KK mentioned to me that she was an author and had just been a part of a charity anthology entitled…


I’m disabled and i love sex, with Emma Kenny

Killing Kittens is all about breaking down taboos, and living in a more liberated sex-positive world. Sex is life (literally). Sex helps to connect people…


How KK helped me break down barriers with Emma Kenny

Each and every member has their own story of how hey came to find Killing Kittens, these KK journeys are both moving and empowering. This…


Losing my KK Virginity

Killing Kittens is truly global, and one continent who really know how to KK party is Australia. Here we have a party review from…


KK Empowering Women everywhere!

Happy International Women’s Day to all you wonderful Kittens! Of course, every day is women’s day at KK, and the stories of how we help empower our…


Every Kitten is Unique

We at Killing Kittens like to celebrate each and every Kitten, all are unique, individual and sexy in their own way, Every woman is entitled…


The birth of a Kitten

As we are approaching a New Year, we have so many KK reasons to be excited for what lays in the year ahead….