Emma Sayle


Hitting the Heights with Emma Sayle

As Killing Kittens prepare for the Valentines soiree, the people of Venice are getting excited to meet our KK Queen Kitten, Emma Sayle. Vivienne Sharman-Lewis…


Emma’s Instagrammer of the month:Sara Shakeel

Artist Sara Shakeel, 28, is encouraging others to embrace their stretch marks by covering them with glitter and stars. Sara has gained 195,000 followers on Instagram…


Sextech shero: Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole a fierce Australian, global speaker, advisor and specialist in femtech, sex tech and health tech. Now based in United States Bryony has launched…


Ireland embracing a killing kittens future

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, while others build windmills” Killing Kittens parties take place all over the UK. Over the…


Welcome to A Kitten’s world

  Hi, I am Emma Sayle, founder, and CEO of Killing Kittens. As we approach our 12th Birthday with much to celebrate, I would like…


In a world of Harvey Weinsteins, be an Emma Sayle

Killing Kittens receives much attention from the press, but in the sexually repressed media world that we live in, unfortunately, it is not always positive….


2017 The year of the Vagina Economy

2017 has been respectfully crowned the year of the “vagina economy”. With new attitudes forming towards sex and the idea that women seek sexual pleasure…


Shero of the month: Jodie Whittaker

It has taken 54 years and 13 Doctors, but at last, we have the first female Doctor Who! Jodie Whittaker, an accomplished actor of stage…


Q&A with Kiko Matthews: ‘There is nothing a man can achieve that a woman can’t’

Here at KK HQ we like to support and celebrate our tribe and Kiko Matthews is our kind of girl. The 36-year-old survived a life-threatening tumour…


Emma’s Instagrammer of the month: Kiara Delacroix

She’s been pitched as an ‘insta-sex pioneer’ for her powerful posts that depict the inner workings of her mind –  a hike up to LA’s Hollywood sign…