A Goddess in the Dungeon

At our last Killing Kittens party in Lancashire, we were lucky enough to be joined by Goddess Karishma, a Dungeon Mistress. Here, Goddess Karishma tells us her sexperiences of the evening, a night in the life of a Dungeon Goddess.

So…  A night that added another dimension to my sexuality and sensuality.

The beautiful KK host had invited me to be Dungeon Mistress once more at one of the fabulous Killing Kittens parties. The first one had been lots of fun and this one I knew was going to be beyond amazing. All the hype on social media and then suddenly, it was here.

The moment I stepped inside the house, I felt a thrill. If ever there was a classy setting for a classy gathering of people, this was it. I think I may have gasped non-stop for about ten minutes, it was mind-blowingly superior. The dungeon had a fish pond; I rest my case.

The Party

I love the way these parties start. Everyone in their glamorous outfits and masks, chatting away, sipping their reception drinks, the buzz in the air of what the night will become…

I was mainly in the brand-spanking-new dungeon which had been kitted out with the finest equipment. I think every piece was well used and my favourite was definitely the massive octagonal leather centerpiece (I’m hoping to play on that again in the future). Mistress Torment was also there and added her unique touch to proceedings, which were now at the various-states-of-undress stage. Oh, are these Kittens hot, beautiful from head to toe, prowling around with such abandon, their perfect bodies begging to be worshipped.

My ‘Mistress’ play started with a very charming young lady, who allowed me to undress her and lay her back on the fabulous swinging bed. I restrained and blindfolded her while she told me a bit about herself and that it was her first time at such a party. I love getting to know about people, their likes and their dislikes, what they’d like to try. I treated her to some gentle scratching with my talons and then moved on to some gentle flogging, drawing a few onlookers. I could have played with this little kitten all night but I had lots of guests to attend to and I handed my little flogger to a very stunning Keira Knightley lookalike who took over. When I glanced over about five minutes later, I saw a small crowd stroking and playing with my little kitten – I hope she was purring away.

Mistress Torment

I do feel sorry for the poor males who fell into the hands of Mistress Torment as she pulls no punches. I lost count of how many she had strung up as she whispered gently in their ears and teased their erections, and the way she played on the octagonal bed with a certain young happy chappy who was spread-eagled and secured with chains was worthy of an award. Oh, octagonal bed, I adore you. This bed saw a lot of action that night.

The party went outside to the hot tubs for a while so I went for a wander around the main house to get a drink and check out the action. I wasn’t disappointed. KK parties are very different to the ones I usually attend; Femdom events are not openly sexual. There we humiliate men, torture them, abuse them, use them as furniture, walk them around on a lead and use them as dancefloors.

Both are similar in that they are about female supremacy, liberation, and hedonism.

I have to say, Killing Kitten’s staff are totally professional at every stage even when all the guests have gone, mingling, divine in their KK outfits and ears, effortlessly holding everything together.

I’ll be honest, I was glad to get out of the dungeon and the Miss Whiplash side of me. I enjoyed watching couples and listening to all the naughtiness going on in the bedrooms. At this point, I needed some play and play I did. I had an insanely wild threesome whilst being watched, which I will never forget. I will be leaving my canes at home next time and showing you my erotic and sensual side. I can’t wait.

Goddess Karishma

The KK host introduced me to the guests as Goddess Karishma, something I had requested earlier that evening, as opposed to Mistress Karishma. She asked me why and this is what I replied:
the term ‘Mistress’, to me, is now a bit jaded and the connotations do not sit well with me. I judge no one and I respect my fellow Mistresses a great deal but I believe ‘Goddess’ is more in line with who and what I am.

A Goddess is to be worshipped, not feared. A Goddess is looked up to, she does not capture hearts by shouting and humiliating, she captures them by respecting herself and respecting others. A Goddess shares love and happiness and gets thrice that, in return.

I love playing with couples and elevating their experiences to a whole new level through my sexuality so, next time you see me, express your interest and let me show you sensual domination. I can give that pleasure with the same intensity as I can give a caning. All you have to do is ask.

Thank you so much, KK for your faith in me and inspiring me to be even more of a seductress than I already am. I look forward to my next adventure with you. And thank you, Kittens, for taking this scene to a different class.

Anyone reading this who has not yet been to a party and is contemplating it but still a bit nervous….get yourselves to the next one in Lancashire on the 16th June! The atmosphere is magical and welcoming and will open your eyes to the real you. See you soon!

Goddess Karishma, The Honorary Kitten x